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Integrity and Security...Is your system protected?

  • Does you or your staff maintain key records allowing for complete, up-to-date certainty as to who has access to the doors in your building?

  • Is there adequate confidence as to who has a master key to your facility?

  • Do your managers, employees, vendors or confidants have authority to duplicate keys that have been entrusted to them


If the answer is “NO” to any of these questions, the security breach your facility may have, could be critical to the security of your business itself.  KABA Peaks products combined with Commercial Key  expertise in the design and implementation of master key systems will allow you the peace of mind to say “YES”

Key Contolled Systems



KABA Peaks is designed to retrofit nearly every type of commercial hardware in use.  No matter what lock manufacturer controls your key system, you can install retrofit cylinders into your existing locks allowing you to utilize one KABA Peaks key to operate your entire building.  Retrofit cylinders include conventional mortise, rim. deadbolts, padlocks, key-in-knob/lever, in addition to interchangeable and removable core designs.


KABA Peaks offers patented key control at a multitude of levels.  They offer patented keyways that can be controlled by your staff or systems that are custom designed  and controlled by our company, adding additional security to your system.

KABA Peaks is a cost-effective solution to any master key system.  As a factory direct distributor, CKS will work with your facility managers to find the best solution to your key security issues. 


Peaks Preferred provides a flexible system that can be master keyed. Kaba Peaks products are the industry leader in compatibility with all major hardware brands. No matter what hardware is used at a facility, you can use one Peaks Preferred key to operate all the locks. This allows customers to upgrade to high security by replacing only the cylinder, not the hardware.

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