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Access Control Solutions can be as simple as a mechanical lock requiring no batteries with one code to limit the number of keys to be issued or as complex as an electrified, computer controlled system that can limit access to doors by time, credentials or specific schedules.  Commercial Key offers solutions for any situation or any budget.

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Access Control Solutions...For any budget



Based on the PowerStar Technology, which has been used and manufactured for over 10 years, the PowerPlex Series utilizes new capacitor technology to store power longer and more efficiently. There is no handle pumping required to wake up the lock and the built-in super capacitors will hold a full charge for up to 10 weeks with no activity at the lock. The lock is perfect for small to mid-sized facilities, rarely visited remote locations, retail "Employees Only" areas and military facilities, just to name a few.

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PowerPlex_Image_1.png 2013-9-27-22:39:54
KABA-Ilco_Eplex_visual_1.png 2013-9-27-20:6:0
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